A girls version of the word bro. A best friend. Something that is always there for support. Even though they can be a little bit uncomfortable at times, life without them would be very difficult.
a. Bras before boys!
b. Ava... She's my bra. She is so supportive!
by snowtiger5 December 04, 2011
Bad, Rotten Apple
Something described when a person is worse then just a BA (Bad Apple).

If this person is really bad-ass, they will be a B.R.A. or a Bad apple, rotten to the core.
Whoa, that kid just budged in front of everyone in the lunch line.
OMG! He's such a B.R.A.!
by homeroom286forlife April 29, 2010
Female form of bro. It's a way to let another dude, you're not happy with, know he is a complete pussy.
What up bra? What you gonna do about it?

What you lookin' at bra?

That dude is no bra of mine.
by Shawnny March 07, 2015
In Dirac Notation of quantum mechanics, the representation of a state. The complex conjugate of a ket. Denoted as <f| where f can be a wave function or a set of quantum numbers. Analogous to a row vector in linear algebra. The name originates from separating a bracket ( <f|f'> ) into a bra ( <f| ) and a ket ( |f'> ).
<nlm| is a bra representation of the Hydrogen atom with quantum numbers n, l, and m.
by Artin March 01, 2006
The biggest cock block since the mother.
An object the covers those nice tits.
I'm so glad that fat ugly chick wears a bra or I would be sick every day of school.
by Estretoseten February 02, 2015
1.something a girl wears to keep their boobs from jiggling. 2.an object that has two round circles that support boobs.
hey! should i wear the orange bra? or the yellow one?
by methoal November 13, 2006
A simliar way to bro
"Look at this car bra"
by GuyTheLegend February 27, 2015

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