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B ~ Battle
R ~ Ready
A ~ Armor
Numbah 2: Numbuh 1 what's a bra?

Numbah 1: It's Battle Ready Armor stoopid.
by TSqaired August 18, 2008
A girls version of the word bro. A best friend. Something that is always there for support. Even though they can be a little bit uncomfortable at times, life without them would be very difficult.
a. Bras before boys!
b. Ava... She's my bra. She is so supportive!
by snowtiger5 December 04, 2011
In Dirac Notation of quantum mechanics, the representation of a state. The complex conjugate of a ket. Denoted as <f| where f can be a wave function or a set of quantum numbers. Analogous to a row vector in linear algebra. The name originates from separating a bracket ( <f|f'> ) into a bra ( <f| ) and a ket ( |f'> ).
<nlm| is a bra representation of the Hydrogen atom with quantum numbers n, l, and m.
by Artin March 01, 2006
False advertising
That bra was false advertising for the hideous excuse of the things on her chest that she called boobs.
by Poop McDogles January 07, 2010
A bra is the term for a man that has been taken on to disguise a woman being gay. A bra is to girls what the beard is to guys.
Although Natalie landed the quarterback from the football team, everyone assumed he was merely a bra for her.
by Encephalogos September 09, 2011
to cover a certain romanians errect nipples.
alex a walks into a room without wearing a bra....'alex are u cold???...or r u just smugglin peanuts?'
by steph and james February 02, 2009
a buddy or a pal. (Originally between whites, is also a term of address.)
Yo Bra when we bballin?
Oooo Bra
Yo Bra
by chick2694 February 15, 2010