1. A female piece of clothing.
2. What some surfboarders (snow, and skate) refer to each other as friends.
What up bra, whatcha been up to?
by Sam_S. April 27, 2008
The last cloth barrier that restricts access to Heaven. Mmmmmmmm.
If I could get yor bra off I'd be in Heaven!
by Steven Braun September 24, 2007
a short hand form of the word "brother", Cape variation of the American "bro". Used most often by locals, gangsters and surfers
"Hoezit my bra, waar's jou cherrie ek se?" (tranlsation: "Hello Brother, where's your girlfriend I say?"
by jon monsoon November 01, 2007
Breasts Retained Akimbo
Bra-less, they may slap you to death as she rides you like a mechanical bull.
by chillinpaul April 27, 2007
Sometime confused with Bra, or the abbreviation of Brasserie.
Kristie is sweet and beautiful but she thinks you spell Bra like Bras!

Friends texting
Girl - Her bras make her boobs like great!
Friend- All of her Bra's do? Where does she get them?
Girl - No just the one she has one.

Friend- ohhh, you said Bras
Girl- Yea, thats what I said. The one Bras!
Friend- You crazy guh...it's Bra!
by The pretender! November 16, 2011
This one is new, spread it. A bra is a girl who you are always with, follows the bro code with you and is such a good friend that she has reached the bro status. You roam the streets with her, you play Xbox with her, you see movies, tell her everything and text constantly. She is just like one of your bros and is on the same level but she just happens to be a girl. She is constantly with you like a girlfriend but your just really good friends and your happy with that. She is a bro but shes a girl: she's a bra. Do not mistake this with a girl who is simply your friend, you have to be bro's with your bra for her to be a bra.
Guy:So can you hang today bro?
Guy2: Nah im goin to gamestop and the movies with emma today.
Guy: Yeah you hang allot.
Guy2: true, she's such a bra.
by 2urban4urban April 25, 2010
B ~ Battle
R ~ Ready
A ~ Armor
Numbah 2: Numbuh 1 what's a bra?

Numbah 1: It's Battle Ready Armor stoopid.
by TSqaired August 18, 2008
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