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black people time seecpt
the party starts at 10pm, thats about 1am BPT
by Gemini November 07, 2003
BPT is based off of CPT which is short for Compton. Bloods don't pronounce the C's or K's at the start of words. Instead they use a B. So BPT is Blood's Compton
1) BPT sprayed on a wall in compton means Bloods own that part

2) "Nigga I'm from BPT" - YG ( Popular LA based rapper who claims bloods)
by MightyMac January 09, 2015
black people twitter
did you see that meme on bpt? yeah it was hilarious
by random4231 October 02, 2015
B.P.T: an acronym standing for Bowl Packing Time. Used commonly in Northern Virginia/D.C. metro area by heads who smoke the ganja before packing a bowl
"Hey what time is it?"
"It's B.P.T!"
by DCrat July 12, 2008
BTP Stands for black people time. this causes them to be late by normal time but right according to BPT
Guy 1: Hey man where's jerome?

Guy 2: oh he's on BPT so even though we said lets meet at 6 he won't be here until around 6:30 or 7 at the earliest.
by Butterssanchez November 08, 2014
"Brown People Time"
The unit of time that attempts to provide a closer estimation to the actual time something is set to occur, specifically in ethnic cultures.
"I'll be there in two hours BPT," actually means "I'll be there sometime before tomorrow."
by Ashureesan December 06, 2013
Big Plastic Titties..Fake, Implants
That girl has a nice set of BPT's.
by Captain Dirty Red March 03, 2010
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