When a girl is tied up in a relationship (offical boyfriend & girlfriend status) but is still however making advances towards another boy, often a close friend. Thes advances are not alway sexual - sometime mental or emotional, but still lead to confusion to what the offical status of the relationship is. A boyfriend in training is often confused, and can often be pussy-whipped into doing anything the girl desires, because more often than not, he has affections for her. The situation more than likely suits the girl as she does not have to comprimise her boyfriend - but can still have anything she desires from the 'boyfriend in training'.
Elaine: Is Sarah going out with Alex?
Danny: No, she still has a boyfriend.
Elaine: Well, when a pretty girl lies all over you, you don't complain.
Danny: He's her boyfriend in training.
by ninjawonderponies July 28, 2004
Top Definition
The period in which a female will have a male she maybe interested in eventually will follow her around, and if she so chooses fool around with him.*But its okay cause they are "almost" dating* During this time the female will change him and mold him into whatever she wants in a guy. Then maybe if the guy doesn't fuck up too much she'll date him for real.
Me: Wow, are Joe and Lauren dating?
Mary: Not yet, he is still in training.
Griffin: *Whip sound*
Mary and Me: GRIFFIN!!!
by Ange de Agonie December 22, 2003
A male companion that is more than a friend, but not quite a full fledged boyfriend. Often is followed by becoming a full fledged boyfriend.
My boyfriend in training and I are talking about taking the next step and going out.
by sparx August 22, 2003
In addition to the above definition, which is almost correct, it also refers to a period in which fundamental views and opinions that the boy has which differ from the girl are ironed out and converted.
"I think girls with big titties are nice!"
"Oh, maybe that was wrong."

But there ain't nothing wrong with the big titties!
by Rando November 17, 2003
A "Boyfriend in Training" is a guy that is being preped for being someone's boyfriend. Either he's not ready to be a decent boyfriend or she wants to hookup without the offical title of boyfriend & girlfiend and not look like a slut.
"Is she going out with Alex?"
"Nahh. He's just her boyfriend in training."
by Chloe April 02, 2004
What every girl doesn't want...but somehow manages to get.


1. When a pussy ass guy asks you out without making contact with you whatsoever, and has you in the honor of being his first "girlfriend."

2. When a "boy" asks you out, tells all his friends hes gonna do shit with you, but doesn't even wanna hook-up.
He is such a boyfriend in training.
by Vienna May 05, 2004
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