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In addition to the above definition, which is almost correct, it also refers to a period in which fundamental views and opinions that the boy has which differ from the girl are ironed out and converted.
"I think girls with big titties are nice!"
"Oh, maybe that was wrong."

But there ain't nothing wrong with the big titties!
by Rando November 17, 2003
A Japanese acronym for YAma nashi, Ochi nashi, Imi nashi, which means, roughly, "No peak, no point, no meaning". It is a term used to describe purely sex-focused manga or anime. It is often used incorrectly as a blanket term to cover yaoi, shounen ai, tanbi, shota, and BL, as well as being (again, incorrectly) used as a synonym for gay.
That vendor was selling what was labelled as yaoi, but it was mostly BL.
by Rando June 06, 2005
it is the short way of saying masterbate. it can also be said as m.bating as in masterbating.
my mom caught me m.bating.

i m.bate all the time.
by rando September 15, 2005
To "So-own" someones noob ass. Also "Swned". To beat them so badly that a normal "Owned" just won't suffice. Often used in times of great satisfaction and superiority in Online games, namely "Counter-strike"
"John is bringing the swn to those bitch ass chinamen."

"I'm going to Swn those muther fuckers with my AWP"

"Got Swn?"

"I got fuckin swned in the ass"
by rando August 21, 2003
This is slang for masturbating, the short way of saying it. Also the less embarrassing way of saying masturbating when speaking around adults and strangers.
ex. I caught him m.bating two times!
ex. I really enjoy a m.bating in the afternoon.
#the new slang for masturbating #tell a friend. whacking #jacking-off #choking-the-bishop #saying-hello-to-my-monster #beating-off
by rando September 30, 2005
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