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2 definitions by Vienna

A secret swear word for pro-spammers on forums that have censorship.
Is backwards for the word 'know'.
Can be used to replace any other swear word which would otherwise be starred out by the moderators on a forum.
A: "Anti-spammers are wonks."
B: "Yeah... they're wonking wonks!"
by Vienna November 20, 2004
5 17
What every girl doesn't want...but somehow manages to get.


1. When a pussy ass guy asks you out without making contact with you whatsoever, and has you in the honor of being his first "girlfriend."

2. When a "boy" asks you out, tells all his friends hes gonna do shit with you, but doesn't even wanna hook-up.
He is such a boyfriend in training.
by Vienna May 05, 2004
14 50