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also linked to boyed like the word boyed means e.g you were jus cussed....and if ther is alot of boyin goin on den u say nuff boyage...and if yr gettin boyed u say...wat r u jus gona boy me like dat?? i hope u ppl get wat im sayin...
Boy - dnt boy me lyk dat = dnt cuss me lyk dat.
Boyin - rah bruv u jsu got boyed = rah u jus got cussed.
Boyage - rah bare boyage goin on between lauren and vanessa = ther is a lot of cussin goin on between lauren and vanessa.
by Cherry xxx April 02, 2005
Visit to see a boyfriend or fling, requiring plane, train or automobile, and therefore more time and effort intensive than the average booty call.
As she left for the airport for a weekend of passion with her 'sometimes' man in Chicago, her friends wished her a 'bon boyage!'
#booty call #fling #long distance #committment #boyfriends
by LolaLulu September 03, 2010
a unit of measurement relating to the number of hot guys in a place that are attracted to females.
if i fly all that way, i expect tons of boyage to be there.
#boys #hot #female #unit of measurement #number of guys
by chicababe12345 June 01, 2010
A word which does not have any synonyms. It is a hard word to describe as people who use the term know what it means like they know words such as 'time' which does not have a synonym.
The term 'boyage' is used when something maybe embaressing has happened to a person *usually still at school* or if someone has told them off or if they have been caught up to no good.
Teacher: Can i have everyone's homework in please
Student 1:Miss i dont have it
Teacher:Well you know what that means dont you? 1 hour detention after school for you!
Student 2:Boyage

Person1:Im going to a party on friday
Person1:Yeah its gonna be well good
*Monday at school*
Person2:how was it
Person1:how was what?
Person2:the party
Person1:omg i forgot!
#boyage #embaressing #byage #boygae #boyega #emabressing #told off #up to no good
by vengu January 04, 2008
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