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A nickname of one of the main gods 'Zamorak' in Runescape.
It is commonly used in castle war worlds or clans as they are either in the 'zammy' team or are in 'Saradomin' - another main god and are talking about people who are in 'zammy' e.g.1 see below
When selling or buying weapons or armour which are either to do with 'Zamorak' or are blessed by 'Zamorak'. Players usually shorten 'Zamorak' to 'Zammy' ... see below e.g.2
Also known as 'zamy'
*on a clan*
Player1:i am so for saradomin those zammys are well noobs
Player2:right guys, zammy is owning underground need people down there

*in a bank*
player3:buying zammy red dhide body
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by vengu January 05, 2008
A word which does not have any synonyms. It is a hard word to describe as people who use the term know what it means like they know words such as 'time' which does not have a synonym.
The term 'boyage' is used when something maybe embaressing has happened to a person *usually still at school* or if someone has told them off or if they have been caught up to no good.
Teacher: Can i have everyone's homework in please
Student 1:Miss i dont have it
Teacher:Well you know what that means dont you? 1 hour detention after school for you!
Student 2:Boyage

Person1:Im going to a party on friday
Person1:Yeah its gonna be well good
*Monday at school*
Person2:how was it
Person1:how was what?
Person2:the party
Person1:omg i forgot!
#boyage #embaressing #byage #boygae #boyega #emabressing #told off #up to no good
by vengu January 04, 2008
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