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George O'Dowd (b. 1961)

Member of "Culture Club", a 1980's pop group. Famous for his androgynous looks and impressive wit and sarcasm. Arrested for possession of cannabis in mid-eighties; after overcoming a heroin addiction, launched a successful solo carreer, then began work as a celebrity DJ. At current, he is still a DJ, and designs the B-Rude line of clothing.
Boy George has an impressive voice.
by GoldenEagle.68 December 31, 2004
A really hott, sexy, talented, sexy, smart, unfairly-labeled, witty gay transvestite DJ who used to play lead vocals in the extremely awesome and famous 80s group called Culture Club.
Damn! Boy George is so hott when he wears that makeup. He's hott without it too!

OMG! Boy George is so freaking talented!
by Victoria (yes, I'm a straight girl) September 13, 2005
A teenage Spaniard male who talks like a dork and, despite his lack of exercise, is notably skinny and dark-skinned. Attracts a few women, but one of them's bisexual.
"Ew, that lesbian chick's hitting on that guy!"
"He must be Boygeorge."
by > > ! < < August 15, 2008
Inspired by dave chapelle any time you c some that is gay or looks gay or even acts gay
hey look at that guy. its boy george
by jin tai jin April 13, 2005
To Boy George is to cry like a lil bitch. "Do you really want to hurt me... Do you really want to make me cry?"
Are you about to Boy George on me?
Don't be a Boy George?
by thetruth April 08, 2005
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