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George O'Dowd (b. 1961)

Member of "Culture Club", a 1980's pop group. Famous for his androgynous looks and impressive wit and sarcasm. Arrested for possession of cannabis in mid-eighties; after overcoming a heroin addiction, launched a successful solo carreer, then began work as a celebrity DJ. At current, he is still a DJ, and designs the B-Rude line of clothing.
Boy George has an impressive voice.
by GoldenEagle.68 December 31, 2004
A 1980's British pop band. Consisted of Roy Hay (guitarist, keyboard), Mikey Craig(bassist), Jon Moss (drums) and George O'Dowd, also known as Boy George, who was the vocalist. New Romantic style of music. Famous songs are "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?", "Karma Chameleon", "Time(Clock of the Heart)".
Culture Club was a good band, however they did not stand the test of time.
by GoldenEagle.68 December 31, 2004

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