male underwear shortened version of boxer shorts these come in diffent types and weave of fabric and are the epitome in lunchbox design!
"He has just shat his boxies"
"ive got a cumstain in my boxies"
by amydingleberry August 10, 2006
Top Definition
well notable mabinogi player who is ussually in tir chonnail (begginers place) in the server tarlach 98% of the time
he quits every guild in exactly 1 week, he is very lazy but fun to be around with.
mabinogi is a popular game from nexon aside maplestory and combat arms, etc
most poeple who have visited tarlach will most likely will see the character named boxys

guy 1: "hey do you know that guy''
guy 2:''yeah thats boxys''
by HeyImDuhAsian March 27, 2011
A non-fictional yet seemingly fictional character that does not require food or water to survive. It gains its strength from such things as marijuana, valium and alcohol. Some say it is made up of silly putty and babies tear's. The exact age of Boxy is unknown.
Guess who?! It's BOXY!!
If Jackie O. and Betty Ford were to reproduce we'd have Boxy.
Boxy isn't so much walking as she is trying not to fall.
by RockaGilly November 08, 2010
A person who does something stupid. An idiot. A fool.
That guy is one boxy fucker.
by Featin April 11, 2006
Sharp, quick motion for a tweak or shifty on a snowboard.
That double Shifty was boxy (quick) (sharp)
by Boardin Bro September 07, 2011
Spankin', sexy, delicious, delectable, able to have things inserted into it, pretty damn good at soggy biscuit, really sweet/awesome,(can be used as an adjective or an adverb). -- SEE "BOX" FOR NOUN VERSION!
OMFG that biatch was soooooooooooooo boxy!

OMFG! Hank Shorb went boxy on my ass again!
by Pechvarry December 05, 2005
Someone who's a nerd. Comes from the word square.
Do you see that nerd over there? Man... he is one boxy motherfucker.
by lurvyolive October 05, 2005
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