boxwine: (n) A shortened version of saying boxed wine. A convenient alternative.

boxwine (adj) Describing a state of mind or person who has been drinking above mentioned "boxwine" or boxed wine ,similar to that of Franzia, since noon.

boxwine (adj) something that is cheaply packaged but yields results.
(ADJ) ex: Eric is all boxwined up since he works at 5 a.m. and gets home at noon...I need to get caught up!

(ADJ) ex: That stripper that I took to the V.I.P. last night had very few teeth ...but she was a boxwine fo' sure!
by winkle2u January 24, 2012
Top Definition
Vaginal bleeding women get once every month.
Marie: "Uhhh, i'm not feeling too good"
Brad: "Aw what's wrong?"
Marie: " wine"

Adam: "Hey sexy, i'm feeling horny, you free tonight?"
Sarah: "I can't tonight...unless you don't mind box wine?"
by JennyTerror February 05, 2014
Low-budget wine, sold in a cardboard box. A staple of office parties and cheap fund-raisers.
"Get a plastic cup, I brought a whole box of white zinfandel!"
by zenostortoise November 25, 2004
Stereotypical drink of whites as coined by Dave Chappelle on his show "Chapelle's Show".
(in white mans voice)"Box of whine... Puts me right out..."
by jake March 13, 2005

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