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A part of Brooklyn known for its hipster population. North Williamsburg (near the L train) is generally filled with trustafarians, overpriced bars, and vintage clothing stores, where South Williamsburg (near the JMZ train) is still home to a large Hasidic and Hispanic population.
"I've thought about getting a job, but if I did that, I'd never have time to make art!"
by zenostortoise November 25, 2004
A liberal arts college located north of New York City, known for its obscure courses and large proportion of lesbian students.
"You're a Goddess Worship Major too? Wow!"
by zenostortoise November 25, 2004
Low-budget wine, sold in a cardboard box. A staple of office parties and cheap fund-raisers.
"Get a plastic cup, I brought a whole box of white zinfandel!"
by zenostortoise November 25, 2004
To make a U-turn. Also spelled U-ie, U-y.
"Pull a uie at the next intersection."
by zenostortoise November 25, 2004
A person who once considered themselves a part of the gothic subculture but has since left it behind. Usually used in a self-deprecating manner.
Boyfriend: Does this tattoo say "life is pain?"

Girlfriend: Shut up. I'm a recovering goth.
by zenostortoise November 25, 2004
An imaginary police force which rounds up people whose existance is a blemish upon the face of humanity.
"He only hits me because he loves me!"
"Paging Darwin police, come in Darwin police!"
by zenostortoise November 25, 2004
Used to describe a sexual preference for males, usually after a period of abstinance.
"After graduating from Sarah Lawrence, it took me a year to get back on the wangwagon."
by zenostortoise November 25, 2004

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