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1) used as a greeting call amongst friends. 2) An erection or boner exhibiting roundness. 3) male genitalia. 4) A screw up or mistake. 5) used as a battlecry, exclamation or excitement.
1) Hey, Bowner!
2) Gotta Bowner!
3) Ouch, that hit my Bowner!
4) What a Bowner!
by Gimli July 09, 2003
When a person wears underwear that has a bow on the front, then wears tight pants, thus creating a protrusion from the lower pelvic area.
Stacy: Oh my God, Becky, look at her bowner!
Becky: Ew! Have some self respect.
by youcantsitwithus January 31, 2015
a boner that has an unusually downward arched "bow" to it
aw shit mate, i got me a bow-ner and now i dun gone and fucked me own arse
by Mittwoch shitter January 19, 2011
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