Made great songs like

Dance With You
Girl All The Bad Guys Want
Life After Lisa
My Hometowm

and has some of the FUNNIEST music videos EVER
don't think so? try watching a few more than just one and you'll see.
Bob: Hey have you seen that new Bowling For Soup video for Almost?

Bill: Yeah, I especially liked the part where the guy fell down, and ripped off the clothes of that cheerleader.


Bob: Hey have you seen the music video for Emily?

Bill: Yeah, it's funny when that fat dude wears a dress and make-up just to take a piss inside. But Jaret ends up pissing himself at the end.
by Bob from GSC May 15, 2005
Top Definition
They are nicest bunch of guys anyone could wish to meeet! They kick ass!!
I have just met bowling for soup, "They are nicest bunch of guys anyone could wish to meeet! They kick ass!!"
by SOUPBOWLERKATIE September 07, 2003
a funny and talented group from texas.
Kick ass music makers
bowling for soup is the best band in the world
by tailer September 03, 2003
A super super cool band, all there albums are exellent and people who dont like em should be .... *thinks*....shouted at alot, lol
Bowling for soup are the greatest band ever!
by Jonny September 04, 2003
Started in 1994, they have produced 7 albums. Signed to Jive in 1999, they have produced 3 albums on that label: 2000's Let's Do It For Johnny, 2002's Drunk Enough To Dance (2nd Release in 2003), and 2004's A Hangover You Don't Deserve.

'Girl All The Bad Guys Want' was nominated for a Grammy in 2003, but they lost to No Doubt.

Great live, and they have to be one of the best bands ever.

And yes, 1985 was written by SR71, but it went through Jaret and was re-written.
Bowling For Soup = Best Band Ever. End of story.
by Jaret's Bitch April 02, 2005
the best - what more can i say
bowling for soup rock! simple as
by goth_queen September 04, 2003
Stop saying crap about this band, they make me happy when I am sad and they made me laugh when I cry. If a band has the power to do that they have achieved everything they need to in my opinion. I hope these guys make loads more albums cus even just reading the thnkyous in the lyrics booklet cracks me up, then I actually LISTEN to the lyrics. Good fun and hilarious. These guys are absolutely genious.
Ooooooh I feel so sad ... My boyfriend has just dumped me and my eyes are sore from crying so much ...
*Puts Bowling for Soup on*
Oooooh yay I've been instantly cheered up!! Thankyou Bowling for Soup you are absolute fucking LEDGENDS!
by Fay December 30, 2004
Stands for what fans want and love and to laugh at the haters in the prosess coz its fun :)
bowling for soup??? I LOVE THEM!!
by frapp September 04, 2003
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