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a bowker is a legend who nos where to get off the bus
hey bowker when do i get off?
by Tosham December 03, 2007
A pungent and overwhelming stench emitted form one's rear end.
Ohhh, I'm about to do a Bowker!!

Oh man, that's gross... you Bowker all the time!

I was sitting in Church this one time, and I Bowkered so badly.
by afrodaz April 28, 2010
should be a swear word.
sterotype of a teacher who gives too much homework
"UGH. stupid Bowker gave five hours of homework today!"

"dude, stop bein a bowker."
by loveaway1 February 26, 2009
n. 1)one who bowkes. 2) Another name for Bowker, whose real name is Megan Marie Bowker.

Megan Bowker became friends with Micher (Ryan Christopher Mitchel), and because her last name already could have been a noun, her last name became a term for one who bowks.

related words: bowk, mitch, mitcher
Megan, that wasn't funny. Stop bowking!
by seiya January 11, 2005

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