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A pungent and overwhelming stench emitted form one's rear end.
Ohhh, I'm about to do a Bowker!!

Oh man, that's gross... you Bowker all the time!

I was sitting in Church this one time, and I Bowkered so badly.
by afrodaz April 28, 2010
When you do something really clumsy, but it appears as really cute.
My little sister is such a Fee, but we totally love her anyway.

Aww, you've just been Feeing all day.
by afrodaz April 28, 2010
A really big wee that feels so good when you do it.
I was holding it in all day, and when I got home I jazzed as soon as I got in.

Aaaah that was one lush Jazz!
by afrodaz April 28, 2010

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