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Scottish slang; digusting, horrible or unsightly

pronounced like, "how", a servants "bow" etc
here mate, your burds heavy bowfin
The gherkins in this roll are bowfin'
here mate, your crusty toenail is actually bowfin
by ChronosDG November 09, 2007
Really stinky. Can be applied to a person or a bad smell. AQlso adescriptive word
Woahhhhhhh! That's bowfin!
That shirt is bowfin.
Also see howfin
by Kelly Coyle December 05, 2003
involving or suggesting the supernatural; unearthly or uncanny: a Bowfin sound; Bowfins lights.
fantastic; bizarre: a Bowfins getup.

- An alternative word for 'weird', used by the most knowledgable scholars of the 21st century
School kid one - "Broooo. check her out"

School kid two - "Ew dude, what are you smoking ?, that chicks so bowfins its not even funny"
by Signor Pacho` August 22, 2010
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