Black Out WastED

An explanation of why you do not know where you are when you wake up after a wild night.
"I've sworn off drinking for awhile, got bowed this weekend."
by TaShel June 12, 2007
Top Definition
Unusually muscular; body builder. May describe someone who uses anabolic steroids.

"Damn that guy is BOWED!"

"I've got some new stuff to help me get bowed up."
by Kayde January 02, 2008
anything with a negative connotation.
"Are you talking about that bowed looking girl over there?"

or simply...

"That is bowed."
by the richster June 03, 2009
When your in love wiv a girl... like cupids hit you wiv a arrow.
"Yo bruv dont tell me yur in love wid dis girl!"
"Yer blud, I fink im bowed init"
by chipmunk_90 December 29, 2008
-I'm soo bowed
-I'm bored....
by Yourmumzzzzzzzzzz February 17, 2010
disgusting, gross, crippie
Jillian edwards is looking pretty bowed this morning.
by sam saun May 10, 2007
Bowed is the term used to describe how drunk you are...or simply that your drunk. Defined as follows: When your drunk enough to where it looks like your leaning against the bar counter when your actually not.
I was way too bowed last night.
by Eric Dale October 03, 2007
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