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Something that is really good
"I went to a rave last night, It was Bowdy"!
"Man them daps are bowdy bruvva"
by Gazman20 October 23, 2003
An informal word used to say good-bye; "bowdy" is to "good-bye" as "hello" is to "howdy".
Jen: I'm going to get going now....

Trish: Ok, bowdy! It was nice seeing you!

Jen: bowdy!
by TrishaCM July 22, 2011
Slang word for blowjob.
"That chick gave me such a good bowdy last night."
by Scooter540 October 17, 2006
1. something that is crappy, shitty, stupid...
My ex boyfriend worked at Bennigans and a woman wanted Bow Tie pasta, but she ordered the bowdy pasta. she was stupid, so when something is stupid its bowdy.
person 1: dude, that bitch just stole my parking spot.
person 2: BOWDY!
by dana November 10, 2004