Action, moving up and down.
The man was bouncing down the street
by Big L March 07, 2004
Top Definition
1. moving away from one point to another point
2. doing, going, your well being
1. "yo man, where we bouncin to?"
2. "whut up man, how u bouncin?"
by kris B May 16, 2006
when the place gets ill y'all leave
Let's bounce yo (lets make like a tree and leave)
by master bates January 01, 2003
when something or somewhere is on the go with a lot of people and a lot of fun.
Man this party is bouncin, and it has bouncin hoe's
by Bounce June 06, 2003
To leave one thing and go to do another; a transistion of action.
To bounce from place to place, go to another location or leave the original location.
My cronnies and I bounced after we laughed it out with some friends at the comedy club.
by Zack August 20, 2004
to be cool, the act of cool.
Dude, today you are totally bouncin'!
Wassup dog? Are you bouncin'?
Yeah I'm bouncin'!
by Niccole May 07, 2003
The art of defending a door from beered up drugged up manic invaders dressed in their finest dancing cum fighting trousers
Tonight I be bouncin' at the drugnjumlebass nightclub mon!
by marty mc fly March 09, 2004
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