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Short for "Renaissance faire."

A festival celebrating and reenacting the romance and glory of the Renaissance.

Performers portray fun, entertaining, and (usually) historically accurate characters in an improv environment for the amusement of patrons.

Stage acts provide a variety of entertaining spectacles, including live music, juggling, and stage combat.

Artisans and shopkeepers sell their wares, usually related to the Renaissance in some way i.e. period weaponry, period clothing (known in the renfaire circuit as "garb"), handmade soaps, stained glass, feast gear, etc.

Kitchens and carts sell Renaissance-themed foods and beverages.
Oh, you're going to a renfaire? I want to go too!
by MacKay July 05, 2006
French. Literally translates as blood sausage. Used as an insult, usually for an unattractive woman. Highly offensive.
Pierre: Marie, vous êtes un boudin.
Marie: Va te faire foutre, Pierre!

Pierre: Marie, you are a boudin.
Marie: Go fuck yourself, Pierre!
by MacKay July 05, 2006
Any of a number of dishes brought to a recent widow by friends and family, usually in the form of a casserole or lasagne, the idea being that the widow shouldn't have to cook for herself and the countless visitors she will have during the first week or so of mourning.

Notably used on Grey's Anatomy.
After the death of her husband, Teddy was given so many widow casseroles she didn't know what to do with them.
by mackay February 03, 2012
A warning to friends that the video, song, photo, or writing being linked to is so funny that it may cause one to piss oneself.

A portmanteau of 'pee' and 'alert.'
Do not watch the following video if you have a bladder control problem. Disregarding this warning may result in wet pants and all your friends pointing and laughing at you.
by MacKay September 13, 2008
A term used by Renaissance festival performers and artisans to refer to the faire patrons who try to look/act authentic, but fail horribly.

They often wear clothing they made themselves -- which shows admirable effort -- but they often make terrible mistakes such as wearing a hoop skirt without a real skirt on top or a bodice with no boning. Men will sometimes try to pass a lady's pleated skirt off as a kilt.

Some wear clothing found in a costume shop and look as if a Disney movie or Tolkien novel threw up on them.

The worst of them use the renfaire as an excuse to dress unacceptably slutty. A buxom woman might wear an open-weave crocheted brassier. A man might wear pants slit all the way up the side (which would acceptable and historically accurate with another pair of pants underneath).

Worst of all, they will get disgustingly drunk and try to hit on everyone they see, creeping out performers and patrons alike.

Rennies are the ones who give Renaissance festivals bad reputations.

Used with disdain.
Ugh, that rennie is wearing nothing but a chain-maille loincloth.
by MacKay July 05, 2006

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