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Definition: A derogatory term used to describe or illustrate a plump, pear-shaped, overweight “woman” (aka fat chick). Can be used as an insult in front of the bouche’s face.

Background: The derivation is two-fold. The primary being the French definition for ‘mouth’. The latter deriving from the English word ‘butcher’ (because fat chicks (bouches) love to put meat in their mouth).
Kevin: "Hey Nate, check out that bouche chick; shes fatter than yo' momma."
Nate: "Yeah, shes so fat shes got planets orbiting her ass."
Kevin: "shit"
Nate: "Shit - lets get drunk"
by Ghetto Massive May 23, 2004
20 36
A male who has a dirty blonde mustache on his upper lip that should be shaved.
"kid your such a BOUCHE! Shave that stupid thing NOW!"
by Karl Shwarts March 20, 2008
76 33
The awesome feeling of weightlessness you get at the start of your fall.
I got bouche on that ride at the amusement park.

I want bouche.

Get ready for some bouche.

I am so nervous up here on this ride that I am getting pre - bouche.

That was some good bouche.
by Patrick Skalova Ho, Mel Ho December 24, 2011
13 6
A sexual position performed upon a man. Take the scrotum fully into mouth, extend Steven Tyler length tongue over onto bonch, whilst simultaneously giving a handjob.
May require use of shampoo to clean up afterwards.
Would you like me to give you a bouche?
Bouche me!
by rapscallion February 27, 2006
31 31
a spritely interjection, used to exclaim wonder or to show a large force like a punch or explosion.
1. and then Steve Buscemi showed up, and it was like BOUCHE, godliness

2. and then the bomb was like BOUCHE
by booger December 29, 2003
19 23
someone who is not only a bitch, but also a douche.
Becky::That bouche Gretchin is cockblocking our men.
Jillian:: Heck yes, Gretchin is sooo a bouche.
by bitcharoni October 07, 2007
17 23
A noise that is often heard from a fat Turkish man when experiencing sexual pleasure. Prounounced; booj!
by GypsyChild May 18, 2009
7 17
Bolish for "bullshit"
BOUCHE! TON DESAG STRYUMS. (bullshit, you don't own a penis)
by Bola March 30, 2003
6 17