As low as it gets
Girl "I need a boyfriend"
Friend "Try craigslist"
Girl " NOO... thats bottom of the barrel"
by Sharapstar June 12, 2012
Top Definition
a term that describes the least desirable item to choose from when there are a number of things to choose from
rotton food is at the bottom of the barrel to choose from when you want something to eat
by lunar shadows August 16, 2004
The girls (aka. bitches, whores, sluts, skanks, or young ladies) that are at the bottom of the food chain, and hence at the party during its last moments. The kind o girls that you seek only after your last resort has fallen through... the last resort of last resorts. The beatch you hit up before heading to McDs or home to pass out as an unsatisfied loser.
Damn! PJ really scraped the bottom of the barrel last night, straight up brought home a heffer!
by The italian poser April 18, 2008

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