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Someone who constantly pulls out of events in particular sporting activity with use of various excuses.
Gary's such a bottlejob....he's going to Torbay instead of playing the Bearsharks.

Im not sure if he's being a bottlejob but he did sound quite scared!
by Bearsharks October 22, 2006
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Someone who constantly backs out of events at the last second or with little to no real excuse.

Someone like Ryan Hissey.
He's being a Bottlejob, almost as if he was Ryan Hissey
by etre4tyry July 01, 2014
somebody who says i will do that then makes up excuses to get out of it
me; you coming to the most awesome offroad site in the uk

bottlejob; yeah deffo im up for that

me; night before you still coming tomorrow

bottlejob; its playing up going to try fix it later

shame i already new he had planned a day out with the mrs what a BOTTLEJOB
by mr bottlejob thornton September 25, 2010

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