A man with a giant Penis that is known to have choked many a lady!
Botting choked the young lady with his massive dong!
by crazylegs54321 January 11, 2010
Top Definition
Automated gameplay. Generally by using programs to play games for you.
Bob: What's up?
Me: Botting for D2, hold on.
by Willum September 01, 2006
To stop liking someone when you find out they like you back. vice versa.
Sally: He told me he liked me... I don't think I like him anymore.
Jessica: Sally! You're totally botting!

Jack: Once I told her I liked her, she ran away. She is such a botter.
by yeeting247 December 18, 2015
Programs used to cheat in games. (A.K.A. Being smart about playing a game...all the skill/stats of a pro no lifer...and you get to keep your life!)
Nerd: OMG almost level 99!21ononeone!!111!!
Botter: Bro, I'm botting and I'm on my 3rd 99 P;
Nerd: Reported!
by Phr33Pls January 13, 2010
The act of engaging in sexual intercourse with a couch, mattress, arm chair or any other inanimate object that you wish to have sex with. Can also include a persons hair, clothing or accessories as well.
dude ive been botting the shit out of your curly fro everynight when you go to sleep
by haywood jablowmeDC2 October 14, 2010
Usually a male who claims to be morally superior but cheats on their partner with multiple harlots whilst committing other minor sins along the way.
Person A: Did you hear about George?
Person B: Yer i know right, such a Botting!
by LogitechSpeakers January 31, 2012
Name given to the sexual practise of holding the penis in the crack between the buttocks and thrusting until climax is achieved. At no point is the anus penetrated.
"You fancy a quick botting?"

"cor! Yes please!"
by winnie fae glesga October 27, 2005
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