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Somebody who seriously, honestly needs to and WANTS to be shot.
He's disappointed that after spending $100,000 each on bulletproofing two different vehicles, he didn't get shot at.
by Assassin March 24, 2005
To be 'wifed'. To be unable to participate in any form of bloke entertainment, due to hassles from one's wife.
'Sorry lads, I can't go to the football match. I'm wifed!'
by Assassin August 19, 2003
A guy that says he think you're cute or leads you on then turns around and tells you he has a girlfriend
Ethan: Hey you're really cute!
girl: thanks
Ethan: You would make an amazing girlfriend
his girlfriend: Hey Ethan come on let's go
Ethan: Ok babe...bye random girl
by assassin January 02, 2013
Bi Orbital Testicular Disease - Testicular disease caused by radiation emmited from gamma rays by the planets Venus & Mars and the debri that travels withing their orbital path.
Ryan suffers from Bi Orbital Testicular Disease. The doctor will be removing his sack on tuesday at 10:00am.
by Assassin March 23, 2004

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