meaning that your mother tried to have an abortion to get rid of you, but it didnt work (it was botched) and now you are screwed up and your mom didnt even want you in the first place.
that asshole must have been a botched abortion
by Lydia123456789 February 06, 2007
A really physically ugly person or someone fucked up by disease, birth defect, or a cripple. Also generally the term is used as a dreogatory insult for polititians.
I really like those waxey elephant ears, stubby hog nose and bald head of Congressman Henry Waxman! what a fucking botched abortion he is!
by Pkuhnert April 16, 2010
When one person, usually intoxicated, puts another person's head under his shirt and punches it really hard over and over, endlessly. A truely botched abortion involves the first person crying and the second person screaming like a dying baby.
The neighbors called the cops when Ray gave Nathan a botched abortion on the front porch.
by RayatUM June 08, 2009

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