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4 definitions by Pkuhnert

a professional athelete
When I wake up on Sunday afternoon all burnt out it's kind of fun to watch the Cowboys' Trained Ape bob the ball around
by Pkuhnert October 18, 2007
The early hominoids that preceded modern humans and that did not migrate out of Africa and into Europe and Asia.
If you don't believe in evolution take a look at the differnce between development of civilization between Europe and Africa, and you almost have to believe in the Lazy Ape Theory.
by Pkuhnert September 14, 2007
ditch weed, wild hemp found in the Midwest USA.
you mother fucker, this shit's goddamned Iowana bullshit, I can't even get even a buzz, give me my fucking money back asshole.
by Pkuhnert September 14, 2007
A really physically ugly person or someone fucked up by disease, birth defect, or a cripple. Also generally the term is used as a dreogatory insult for polititians.
I really like those waxey elephant ears, stubby hog nose and bald head of Congressman Henry Waxman! what a fucking botched abortion he is!
by Pkuhnert April 16, 2010