The act upon which during sex the man takes a shit on the girls chest, afterward's he proceeds to rub his ass on her tits to spread the shit around and then finally cums all over the shit.
Craig: "Oh shit dude, we were so fucking drunk that night that i gave her a Boston Pancake!"

Nelson: "HOLY SHIT!"
by itsbinkl182 May 03, 2010
The newest dance craze.

Replicates the actions of the little known Boston Pancake sexual act but the dancer remains fully clothed with a stoic expression.
Can be done individually or within a group.
Man check it out! That girl knows how to dance the Boston Pancake! Let us all join in!
by Stekel March 20, 2009
ejaculating on a womans face and the slapping her in the face causing the semen to flatten like a pancake.
I totaly boston pancaked her last night!
by JustforfunIM730 July 07, 2009

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