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an employer of a particularly evil nature, completely devoid of empathy or concern for anyone else. the deadly hybrid of boss and asshole.
"I missed the birthday party because my bosshole made me stay late"
by heather of canada February 08, 2009
An immeadiate supervisor or manager who displays poor workplace skills.
The new guy was promoted before me and instantly became my new bosshole.
by Robin L. West April 17, 2008
an asshole who is better at being an asshole than most other assholes
that guy's a complete bosshole
by Rob Congdon April 28, 2003
An Asshole Boss
Dammit, I'm so pissed my boss-hole just canceled my Friday off so he can go golfing with his buddies while I do the reports.
by dav_reece March 02, 2011
a derogatory or negative term used for ones boss or supervisor at work. a term used to describe a bossy person or one who likes to boss others around.
I was ready to leave work for the day and my "bosshole" made me work overtime.

I would have made it to the party on time but my "bosshole" kept me busy.

I wanted to play golf, but my "bosshole" wife said no!
by PaulyKeltz April 03, 2010
Boss-ass-hole. A Boss, who is an asshole.
My bosshole tried to threaten me with some kind of dismiss for breach notice because of the biggest bullshit ever...
by MihailM May 07, 2007
A big asshole who is on a pwer trip ALL THE TIME.
"Bitch McBitch sure is one heck of a bosshole. She yells at me all the time to get stupid shit done."
by Greg October 24, 2004
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