Faggot, Queer, Loser, Son-of-a-bitch, Cocksucker, Dick-riding Mother Fucker
Hey look at that fag!
-It must be Bosoms
Hey look at that dude sucking that other dude's cock!
-It must be Bosoms
Hey look at that wannabe loser with no friends!
-It must be Bosoms
Hey look! That guy is riding donkey dick!
-Hmm...It MUST be Bosoms
by PAPIRRIN RIN RIN November 10, 2004
Top Definition
A womans breast; a boob.
"The only purpose of playing Dead Or Alive: Xtreme beach volleyball, is to watch the bouncing bosoms and tight bottoms."
by Sean Killian December 07, 2004
Another definition to boobs.

Quote from scrubs episode:
- I can't find my pencil.
- It's right there between your bosoms... ma'am.
by Luis Lourenço July 27, 2007
A religious, archaic word referring to a woman's breasts.
"Embrace the bosom of the Holy Mother."
-Silent Hill 3
by Dave November 20, 2004

A collection of brassieres, similar to a pod of whales, a pride of lions, a gaggle of geese, etc.
There's a freakin' bosom of bras on the floor of my living room. It was a damn good night.
by Auridan September 21, 2006
To boo a little bit, but not too much
After the crappy play he wanted to bosom but he didnt boo at all.
by Sphinctar April 21, 2004
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