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a kind of food, similar to hotdog but with onions, curry powder and mustard added and a bratwurst in it. about twice as long as a hotdog. popular in austria, sold on takeaway stands on the street. the kind of food you don't bother eating when it's 4 am and you are totally drunk. a river in bosnia called bosna is believed to be the origin of the name.
guy: "dude let's go for another beer"
other guy: "man i'm totally wasted, i need something to eat first"
guy: "ok let's go check out the bosna stand. i'm afraid it's the only place that's still open"
other guy: "oh puke! ähm, well alright, food is food, i guess"
#hod dog #bratwurst #food #eat #disgusting
by 4bdulf4r4d November 04, 2006
A crappy club which exists in the rural parts of sydney. It is fondly called the "chicken shed"
Person 1: Bro are we going to bosna?

Person 2: Shit I don't wanna go there it is a fucken chicken shed.

#shed #dump #chicken #club #crap
by jsul May 21, 2007
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