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Another Word For 'Boyed'. To Boron People Off Is To, Annoy, Take The Piss Out Of, Trick Or Prank.

The Chemical Symbol For Boron Is B So That Is Turned Into Boyed, Then You Add The Orignal Boron Into It And It Creates Borened But Keeps The Meaning Of Boyed.
1. person one : *trips over*
Person two: boroned!

2. person one: *eats all the pies*
person two: oh no, i really wanted some pies
person one: boroned!

3. person one: "oh i can't go out because i have to do homework and washing up and i am a loser with no friends"
person two: boroned!

4. person one: *is asleep*
person two: hahahhaha i'm gonna draw all over person ones face, boyed!
person one: *wakes up and sees face* "oh no i got boroned"

5. person one: oh my dayz that breh just insulted my mum, i got boyed
person two: haha, boroned.

6. person one: *takes a sip out of person twos drink while theyre not looking*
person two: *doesnt notice*
person one: "teeheehee, boyed"
person two: *picks up drink and spills it*
person one: ...boroned!

7. person one: "what does boroned mean??"
person two: "hahahha, boroned, you dont know what boroned means! hahaha"
by frezznet June 18, 2009

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