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Short for Middlesbrough - a town in the North East of England, home to a superb football team and some nice areas like Yarm, Eaglescliffe and Nunthorpe. The rest is a fucking shithole full of illegal immigrants, yardie gangs, crackhouses, litter, and fat single mothers of 15 living off benefits that should all be nuked to make way for my BMW.
"You are my Boro, my only Boro, you make me happy, when skies are grey!"
by Lewis1983 May 31, 2005
In JDM terminology, and heavily influenced in the Drifting community, a car can be termed "boro" when it is unkept, dirty, or in bad condition. This is, however, seen as a positive.
Wow that S13 is so boro. Look at all the zipties.
by Album21 March 20, 2007
Little Park in Milltown,NJ that everyone likes to go to cause theres nothing better to do and they have no fucking lives.
im so bored. lets see if anyones at boro
by xxalaska101xx January 23, 2011
A Marlboro cigarette
Let me get a boro, dog.
by El Diablo September 15, 2003
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