When you are bored and horny at the same time, then sir, you are feeling borny
Guy how you doing
Girl I am feeling borny
by dumdumbum August 28, 2016
When your bored and horny. Happens frequently before mastrobation and is the leading cause of it. Because you are bored, you have plenty of time to solve your problem of being horny. Unless you are bored because you are in class or public (excluding nudist colonies).
Person 1: So, how are you?
Person 2: I'm borny
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by atomfilezila May 31, 2016
The effects if being bored... and horny.
Yo man, I was borny yesterday. I had nothing to do. see what I did there?? naw.
by Borny Man. January 12, 2011
When someone is acting lame and it just makes you so sick that instead of calling them corny you call them borny, believed to be originated in New York somewhere.
Telephone call:
Sharolaid: Hello!?
Katie: Umm hi?
Sharolaid: Umm bitch you borny BYE!


Josh: Why did Moeisha skip class today, she is so borny...
by alongislandguy February 01, 2009
When you are extremely horny for a burger
Sarah - What you gonna get?
Sally - I do not know oh wise one, you?
Sarah - A burger
Sally - a burger?! oh i am so BORNY
Sarah - Borny lovin' like McLovin
by spiralyummy February 03, 2009
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