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Luna's Moon's word for,

"Being more bored."
I'm boreder than you.
by Asira December 28, 2003
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being more bored than bored
"hahahaha. woww. thats like boreder than bored" - Jessica F
by Panda` October 06, 2007
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First I was bored, now I'm boreder.
by Slang Junkie June 08, 2009
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the superlative of bored, often used by people who are told by others that they can't make up their own words.
peasant: I'm Bored
you: I'm even more bored, I'm boreder. That's a word now.
peasant: You can't make up your own word.
you: yes I can, this is 'murica
by Max69 March 23, 2015
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