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what i am right now since i got nothin to do.
god damnit. i got nothing to do. i'm soooo bored
by pip March 02, 2005
What you are if you are looking up this. Get off this website and do something productive! Go outside! Do the homework that you intend on "forgetting" to do! Or, if it's past 2 o clock in the morning, go to sleep! Just do something goshdarnit!
Johnny was extremely bored, so he looked up bored on Urban Dictionary and found this definition, so he got off of the computer and did something productive. Just kidding, he continued looking up random words on this website, as you are probably going to do.
by Undeadguy77 October 14, 2011
The best excuse people come up with when they've done something stupid, random or crude, whether they really were bored or not.
Most things done are what people secretly always wanted to do, but just never did.
Person 1: "Why did you take a picture of yourself in the shower with an umbrella?"
Person 2: "I was bored."

Person 1: "Why are you jacking off on omegle?"
Person 2: "Bored. Wanna have some fun? ;)"
by heehoohaha April 04, 2011
Sexually Frustrated - A less suspicious way to define this fact when around others.
(In big crowd)

Girlfriend: Hunni, I'm bored
Bohfriend: Good job I booked us a room in a hotel for later then...
by Curlygirly23 January 27, 2008
code name for horny used by chatters
Messaged person: Wassup?
Horny person: Nadda VERY bored...you?
Messaged person: Bored here too! *wink*
Horny person: *nice* wanna fuck?
by Jamesknapper September 15, 2005
Being a very bored person
i am so bored
by ~Nilay~ August 16, 2010
The very bane of human existence. boredom is a disease contracted from things such as (but not limited to) staying on the internet till 5 Am , having no friends , or internet being down. Boredom causes you to want to watch cat videos , chat on omegle , write definitions on the urban dictionary or god forbid go outside. There are no known cures .
by PhantomNightmare January 31, 2014
When you are hinting off to a boy/girl that you want to do something sexual.
Boy: Hey Wassup
Girl: Nothing just home all alone Bored!
Boy: oo Ok cool. Im Chilling
Girl: yea im still bored.
by B. Somerville September 05, 2009