Same as "" - russian analog of site.
It declares itself as "RU-net quotary", the place where interesting/funny quotes from IRC and ICQ are collected, rated and displayed.

One of the most famous quotes overall and almost the BOR "visit card" is:
"- Is it an anime channel? - Yes - How to patch KDE on FreeBSD?"

Such memes (internet-phenomenon) as "ya krevetko" and "blondingo" has origin in BOR.
Forget your lineage, there's a new posts on B.O.R.!
by subzey June 07, 2007
A Drew-ism, mispoken version of "bots."
"bors. :-\ meh. I'll get around to it later. I'm already busy with IMing you and sketching and stuff."
by boourns April 19, 2003

The opposite of a bro. When some is constantly or has lately been a scumbag by fault of their own they are a bor. They usually forget to bring their friends to friend events and such.
Bro 1: "Hey dude you went lazertagging without me?"

Bro 2: : "Sorry was last minute"

Bor: "You said you were eating.
by arcingmc December 19, 2011
The undisputed master of baiting
"bor, bor the media whore!"
by bor January 16, 2004
A abbreviation for abortion.
Gangsta:Yo! son son she just got a bor cuz she aint tryin carry my baby!
Thug: Damn! She straight scared! She have sex then she try getting rid of ur baby?!
by Okila February 21, 2005

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