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a hoe jockin a guy,car, or something she doesn't have
Nigga1:"Heard you got boppas all on yo nuts."
Nigga2: "Awwready, its hard to be that mexican that came up so quick, but I could catch boppas if I drove a fed-ex truck."
by Screwed up Texas April 21, 2004
1. a female that only talk to dudes for cash; 2. female that hop on a dude just cause he got cash
What it look like inside. Man it ain`t nothing but BOPPAS in there.
by jaszymeen August 27, 2005
a girl that hangs around you so that she can be seen with you.
I was hangin with a couple boppaz last night
by J-Munny August 30, 2005
A woman who loves giving oral pleasure to men becasue she likes it...LoL and often swallowzzz!!! region( that HtXxX BaByYy) *don't usually like penetration
" yo, Let's go see what is up with some boppas tonight"
by Dat Sweet Water Gurl Evie April 30, 2004
Attractive teenage girls
Lets go to the mall and check out the Boppas.

Lets go to the mall and eye f*ck the boppas.
#supa boppas #attractive teenage girls #teenie boppers #teenage girls #teen age girls
by vinny arnold January 02, 2011
Derrogitory term describing that beezy on the block that wont stop givin' top to the homies.
last week i was wit this Boppa
"yeah she was boppin on the whole team"
that beezy is bopular round the neighborhood
#bopper #beezy #bopular #amanda czyz #almaden
by jboogz June 20, 2010
(n.) A female who is highly skilled at the act of fellatio.

Derivation: English, thought to have originated in the streets of Anacostia, Washington, D.C. The word comes from the word 'bobbing' to describe when a woman bobs her head up and down during the act of fellatio.

Example: Not only is that girl a dime piece, but I heard she is also a boppa.
#chicken head #slut #ho #biotch #downtown
by Bob Woodson September 16, 2007
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