A typo on the keyboard, where the B is pressed instead of the letter N for the word NOPE.
Toe: Payton you coming the shop?
Payt: "BOPE"
by payt January 24, 2005
giving up dibs on a hot guy
"I have dibs on that hot guy!" - Kendall
"No you don't, I do!" - Jessica
"Oh, fine. Bope!" - Kendall
by themysteriousstranger October 15, 2009
verb. When a cat flops over back and forth on its side as a show of happiness, a request to be petted, or an attempt to scratch its back.

I watched my cat bope happily in a warm patch of sunlight on the sidewalk.
by Millicentia March 15, 2008
talking shit
why you boping for?(talkin shit)
wats the bope in the hood?(situation)
are you going to the birthday bope?( event)
this guy bopes too much(bragging)
living in toronto is a hard bope
by Thorncliffe's bope June 01, 2009
a generalized loser, freak, punk, squirt, short stuff, bitch cake or you
Sophie: "Hey Ben take me to the movies."
Ben: "Bope! Piss off!"
The name given to anything which has previously been given an entirely gay and pissweak name
i.e. that brass giraffe statue looks nice, would become that Bope looks nice.
by Helva May 12, 2003
A word that rings off the top of your lip, and is usually
said when you have nothing better to say or are stuck in a situation and need the topic to change.
The girl confronted the boy about what happened last night...

"Why didn't you come with me" said the girl

It goes quiet..

"BOPE!" says the boy as he runs away
by Raptor45 May 11, 2006

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