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Someone who is not good at something.
Look at all these scrubos trying to play call of duty.
by bope September 03, 2011
Just another way people say "Mcdonalds"
I'm going to get a Big Mac at Mcdoodilebops later
by bope May 16, 2011
An asian male. Charlene is the female version.
Man I fucking love charlies they literally are the funniest people on earth. Love them sir charleses.
by bope September 03, 2011
Used in so many different ways.
Noun: The Bope: this is a person who is just great at everything, it's very difficult to find something they are not the best at.
Adj: means great, awesome, the best, there's nothign better.
noun: The bope is here, who's going to challenge him to a game of basketball
adj: That shit is bope, some of the sickest music i've ever heard.
by bope September 03, 2011
It's what some people from long island born in the last 80's early 90's call their fathers. Most commonly shortened to did or diddy.
Me: My did makes the fuckin best milkshakes bro.
friend: yea i love diddybop he's the man.
Me: how's your did doing?
friend: good, u wanna come play golf with me and my did?
me: hells yea
by bope September 03, 2011

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