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boovie (V.) Getting extremely intoxicated then going to a movie, greatly enhancing it's humor

(N.) A celebratory function in which persons get smashed beyond belief and watch a movie.
"The only way I'll watch brokeback mountain is if we make it a boovie"

by straydog April 16, 2006
A book that was adapted into a movie.
- Yo, The Reader was so the best boovie ever!
- Yeah, and Harry Potter 6 so wasn't.


- Hey, does Watchmen count as a boovie?
- What do you mean?
- Well technically it's a graphic novel, not a book.
- It's made of hundreds of pieces of paper, bound together at the spine, and people read it: it's a freakin' book.
by Philmography October 31, 2009
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