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A fuckin shit american nigger phrase that comes from black hip hop cultures influence on western society. Other words that americans and blacks make up to ruin the english langueage (not to mention make themselves sound like fuckin idiots) include phat, bling and shorty. Although i'm sure that the meaning of all these words vary from council estate to coucil estate, it is basically a stupid word by twats who can't talk and think they're cool.
me: that girl has a nice ass
american black gangsta: bruva dat booty is phat, i wanna see her twat
me: talk normally, your annoyine me
american black gangsta: nah man, if it don't rhyme then its a crime
me: walks away from stupid hip hop loving, mirror staring twat
by hollowaytom October 04, 2006
34 89
A word to define a good butt (ass).
Damn she got a good fine ass booty!
by A Pervert April 26, 2014
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A Big juicy round thing that you can hold in your tiny little hands
"Damn son, did you see that girl's booty?"
"Yeah, I did and it was the biggest roundest booty ever."
by swiggityswootyimcumin4urbooty January 10, 2014
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Slang name for butt..i like booty.
Damn, that bitches booty is big as hell!
by Ten Wangmo April 13, 2012
1 1
One of the many things in life in which the bigger, the BETTER!
by Salmon834 January 17, 2012
2 2
1. Ass

2. A pirate's treasure

3. A lie

4. Crap
1. "Damn, look at that booty"

2. "Arg, how shall we split our booty?"

3. "Where's my money?" "I dunno" "Wow, That's Booty"

4. "What does it mean that my career was "booty". I've never heard that one." - MC Lucidious Mo\'nashiss
by Not that dude, but the other October 23, 2010
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The primary aphrodisiac for African Americans.
Chris-"Damn! Look at that bitch's booty!!
Dayqwon-"Baby got back".
by Capncool April 03, 2010
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1. A fine big round ass ~ usually with a nice small waist

2. Cheap; unfair

1. Damn nigga look at that fine azz booty!

2. Thats mad booty son.
by Killa D August 02, 2006
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