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Booty means bull shit or this shit is fucking bull shit.
Other meanings- gay fucking stupid un-fucking-believable.
Ryan has booty swagger
by crazy thane May 08, 2011
A shortened name for a bootleg record.
"I got a nice booty of this guy's unreleased material."
by Stan Cuberick March 21, 2010
A large man living in southern England who likes to wear wifebeaters and drink stella. They genereally have REALLLY low voices.
Man: "Oi babe, Giv' us peanut butter on a brick for brecky would ya. Noiec one. I'm off to drink stella huhuhuhu *chap chap*"

Boy: "......... Woaaah he was booty as fuck"
by Shpikell November 06, 2009
The Best part of Female anatomy.
Ex: That wetdream was all created from that booty.
by thisworld September 02, 2009
A pirate's bottom. Often large and shapely, cause pirate's like big butts and you other brothers can't deny that when a pirate stumps in with an iddy biddy waist and shoves a cutlass in yo face... etc.
"Claim that there booty, me hearties! It'll look nice as a dress hat."

"Ay ay, cap'n!"
by Conflicting Ninny November 15, 2008
and word that can be used in place of any negative adjective or noun or adverb
"man, that popsicle tasted like booty!!"

"Booty! I missed the shot!"

by rhutch August 23, 2008
a pirates treasure.
Will Turner grabbed Jack Sparrows booty!
by laurel c and stephanie m November 23, 2007