Black for the word Ass or Butt
black man:look at that fine girls booty!
white man:she doesnt have a bird with her.
by a-l-i-x February 05, 2006
A word that Urban Dictionary has chosen as an example to teach you to use brackets, in order to link to words that relate to the one you are defining.
In your entry, link to other words using square brackets. For example, booty will become booty.
by GimmiK November 30, 2005
brotha from anotha motha (best buds)
mah booties and i are chillin
by hot as hell and super sexy April 12, 2003
A litle blue sock from the emergency room that covers your bandaged foot
You're going to get a booty!
by SVR Medical Center February 24, 2002
booty is not a way of life it is a breakfast, lunch, a dezzert, a dinner, ya eat it everyday.
"God damn tyrone, she let me eat her booty last night!"
by TheUrbanSwagger April 10, 2015
the thing under your back with the crack in it
Daaaammmmmnnnn you got that booty tho
by hhhgtser March 02, 2015
Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea's greatest asset.
Dude, did you see her booty bouncing?
She has one hell of a booty.
by Pajamas Jaglimarmo November 16, 2014

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