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The flakes of shit left in the ass of one who didn't wipe well enough.
I was eating this girls ass the other day and a booty flake got stuck in my teeth
by booty flake January 12, 2015
something you call a ratchet, nasty, ugly asf, disgusting person not gender specific
ew bitch your a booty flake get the fuck outta here nasty
by bella_5792 July 06, 2015
A booty flake is when you make a booty call and the other person says they are coming over but never shows, (or flakes on you.)
T: Did you call that girl who was into you?
J: Yeah she even said she was going to come over but never did.
T: Aw man, you really got a scoop of booty flakes there.
by italydude December 06, 2013
Another work for ratchet, nasty, disgusting, etc..
Ew he is just a bootyflake
by Abby trax. July 11, 2014

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