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- A sucka, a ignorant mothafucka
- One of them show boatin' high sidin' want to get some attention type niggaz
- That ol' nigga that got everybody in the town thinkin' he sittin' nice on at least 20's, but he ain't movin nothin but 10's
- Dey b laughing and smiling, loving and hugging a brother grinning, then dey turn around and talk behind your back the next minute
- Sum1 who aint got game
"Let me define it you can rewind it after I finish spittin
But what about bootsee
It be them bootsee muthafuckas in your town that's always game
It be them bootsee muthafuckas in your town that's always game
bootsee is that busta with in no gizame,
with in no gizame, with in no gizame"
by SaM eDwArDs February 06, 2004
bootsee is a person who flaunts themself and shows off all their money and tells all their stories who may not play humble and can get himself in trouble with the feds by tslking about what they do. bootsee may show off and really cant back themselves up a person may also pretend to be bootsee but still that is a stupid game move to play . bootsee is bobo and a sucker
bootsee is telling everyone he has got a chip in the phone and giving credit to baseheads for his twenty bucks in their pocket bootsee then goes and spends their twenty bucks on goldigger for her nails to get done so bootsee turns into captain save a ho and may spend the change of the twenty to put an s on my chest
by Clinton Ziza Smith May 21, 2006
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