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a man who likes booty so much he'd
even ask out a girl who is fugly if
she had a hot booty
The man was a bootie chaser because
the girl he asked out was not pretty
but had a nice ass.
by bootie chaser January 12, 2003
A dude who likes bootie so much that
he stares at it like he is hypnotised.
He then chases girls till he gets all
the booty he can slam his balls on.
I'm a bootie chaser cause I like booty
and drool at the sight of booty.
by bog January 11, 2003
A guy destined to flirt with every girl he sees in an attempt to score. Usually ugly, stupid, and in need of a bath.
Bootie chasers practically live in my school; many try to approach me, but I usually send them on their way with a "Get lost" or a " Go f**k yourself"
by Shawn B. April 14, 2003
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