Boo-tay" is a noun that means "ass.
You have a big boo-tay" means "You have a big ass.
by JamesOfMo'ville March 09, 2011
Top Definition
Not just a butt, but a big, juicy one
Maaaaan, look at that hunk of bootay!!!
by Laura September 11, 2003
1:booty with enthusiasm
"Damn! That girl's got one fine bootay!"
by ThE:BiNKY:BaNDiT January 05, 2004
n. Large, yet attractive posterior.
see also badonkadonk
J-Lo has a fine ass bootay!
by Timmy T November 13, 2004
The plump rear of a female.
(Singular) Damn, I would sure like to tap that bootay !!

(plural) Damn, I would sure like to tap Jacquelyn and Sam's bootays !!
by Jacquelyn & Sam March 19, 2005
Having a big butt
Damn they got some big bootay hoes at that web-site
by Maurice November 15, 2003
A Very Presentible Rear exterior. There Are 3 Kinds: Bun Bootay, Saggy Bootay and Onion Bootay.

Bun Bootay: A Kind Of Bootay that is thin and bun shaped

Saggy Bootay: Mostly just a saggy bum bum

Onion Bootay: A Perfect Bootay where the radius of the bottom is a perfect 45 degree angle
I Saw A Hot Chick And Smacked Her Bootay.
by Brandon Latouche August 05, 2006
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