To steal and profit from it.
I went from boosting xboxs to living in a pent house.
by Master Of Life January 02, 2011
Top Definition
In multi-player games, having other people assist you in getting leaderboard position or achievements (xbox 360 specific) by having other people help you in ways that go counter to the game's design. Most often done with one team throwing the game to another.

Example: In Battlefield:Modern Combat, one Achievement acquired by hitting 5 enemies and 0 friendlies in one mortar strike. This is doable but, during normal play, exceptionally hard. Boosting would be getting 5 people you know to join the other team and all stand in one place so you could drop a mortar strike and get the achievement.
Getting to the top of this leaderboard is a joke. The only people on there did it by boosting.
by Ioshua August 22, 2006
To steal and sell for profit
I was boostin the system out of some guys car when the cops started to come
by Justin Zelekovitz April 30, 2005
Detroit slang for lying. or trying to so make people believe your bullshit. to make yourself seem better or cooler than a fuckboy, or bitches do it for attention. boosting is usually some shit you know they aint do and they kno they aint do it either.

you should never listen to a booster, always call them out on their boosting.
fuckboy: hell yeah we was at the room downtown blowin a whole zip of that loud shit. and i dropped bands on three bottles of rose. And all the hoes was choosing when they seen me lookin sleezy off the True fit wit the pradas.

boy: nigga quit boosting. how the fuck u gone blow a zip in the room. and me an my mans saw yo broke ass get off the DDOT yesterday u was tryna buy some reggies.
by 7mileOG March 11, 2014
To steal retail items and resell them on the black market.
Women/Men selling knockoff purses in the street are boosting.
by Goe September 13, 2015
Boosting is the act of a user speeding up the process of gaining awards or experience in video game, typically a First Person Shooter in an online Multi-Player setting, by using methods that are not supported by the game developers and the online community. These methods include the user having one of his friends joining the opposite team and letting the user kill that friend multiple times to gain experience and kills at a faster rate than normal.
Jeff is on team A and gets his friend John to join team B. John lets Jeff kill him repeatedly so that John can "Level-up" faster. Jeff is "boosting" because John is helping him "boost" his level and statistics.
by bracketeering August 11, 2011
Usually on Xbox 360, is a way gamers use to obtain several achievements in a short period of time by using teamwork, glitching, or whatever means necessary to accomplish diffcult achievement criteria.
friend1: Man i need at least 1000 kills on this game for the achievement but its taking too long, what should we do?

friend2: Easy! We can invite all of my friends to join a match. They can just sit there while u kill them over and over for easy kills!

friend1: So you mean boosting?

friend2: Yup my friends have all the achievements anyway!
by SpazPownrOr7z December 21, 2012
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